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Slurp Ramen 
real Japanese ramen without the airfare

Slurp Ramen is serving Japanese style ramen right here on Long Island.  We were inspired to bring ramen to Long Island when we noticed that so many of our friends and family didn't know that there was any kind of ramen but instant ramen.  We wanted to share the ramen flavors that defined our times living Japan. Come meet us and we you'll share our drive to find a great bowl of noodles.  We hope to see you hear soon. 

Kara-Age Chicken Rice Bowl

Kara-AgÉ Fried Chicken Bowl

Slurp Classic Ramen

Slurp ClasSIC Ramen

We Love First-Time Ramen Seekers

Ramen is our soul food.  It's always been a part of our best nights out with family and friends.  Our Slurp Staff will happily guide you through our menu.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and get suggestions. 

Slurp is Fast and Easy

Slurp is a fast casual dining experience.  When you come in, our staff will guide you through our menu and take your order.  We will give you a table number, and our staff will bring you your food.  It's fast and simple.  

Located in Scenic Port Jefferson Village

Slurp is located in the harbor front of Port Jefferson Village. Check out Port Jefferson events  and see our tips on parking close by.  

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