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ラーメン Ra·men (rä-mən) noun.  A soup with ramen noodles
and toppings of meat or vegetables.  Each one $14.28.

Slurp Classic TONKOTSU

Full Bodied Tonkotsu Pork Soup • Ramen Noodles • Slow-Cooked Chashu Pork-Belly • Slurp Egg* • Scallions • Red Ginger 

Slurp Spicy TAN TAN MEN

Spicy Sesame TanTan Soup • ramen noodles • Soboro lightly sweet marinated ground pork • Scallions 

Slurp Smooth SHOYU

Our Soy Sauce seasoned Chicken stock Soup • ramen noodles • Japanese Fried Chicken • Slurp egg* • Scallions • Red Ginger • Nori Seaweed 


Full Bodied Vegan Soup • ramen noodles • Tofu • Corn • Cabbage • Scallions • Red Ginger 

Slurp Yuzu CITRUS

A Light bonito soup with a hint of Yuzu Citrus • ramen noodles • Japanese Fried Chicken • Scallions • Nori Seaweed 

Curry Ramen HEARTY

Full bodied Pork Soup with Japanese style curry and chopped chashu pork Belly • ramen noodles • Fried Onion Chips • Slurp EGG • Scallions 

SPECIAL: Slurp Paitan  Robust Chicken Ramen Soup

A robust paitan CHICKEN RAMEN SOUP, with garlic and ginger notes, topped with kara-age fried chicken, crunchy onions, scallions and nori.  


Slurp Classic Ramen
Slurp Spicy Ramen

Slurp Spicy Ramen

Slurp Classic RAMEN

Slurp Fresh

Slurp Vegan

Slurp Yuzu Ramen

Slurp Yuzu Ramen

Veggie Toppings $1.00 each

cabbage               Corn

Garlic Chips        red ginger

Nori Seaweed      Scallions

Protein $1.00 each

Slurp Egg*


Meat toppings $3.50 each

   Soboro marinated ground pork

   Chashu pork belly, slow-cooked and marinated

   Kara-age Japanese Fried Chicken

*Consuming undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially in the case of certain medical conditions

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