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ラーメン Ra·men (rä-mən) noun.  A soup with ramen noodles
and toppings of meat or vegetables.  Each one $14.98.

Slurp Classic TONKOTSU

Full Bodied Tonkotsu Pork Soup • Ramen Noodles • Slow-Cooked Chashu Pork-Belly • Slurp Egg* • Scallions • Red Ginger 

Slurp Spicy TAN TAN MEN

Spicy Sesame TanTan Soup • ramen noodles • Soboro lightly sweet marinated ground pork • Scallions 

Slurp Classic Ramen

Slurp Smooth SHOYU

Our Soy Sauce seasoned Chicken stock Soup • ramen noodles • Japanese Fried Chicken • Slurp egg* • Scallions • Red Ginger • Nori Seaweed 


Full Bodied Vegan Soup • ramen noodles • Tofu • Corn • Cabbage • Scallions • Red Ginger 

Slurp Yuzu CITRUS

A Light bonito soup with a hint of Yuzu Citrus • ramen noodles • Japanese Fried Chicken • Scallions • Nori Seaweed 

Curry Ramen HEARTY

Full bodied Pork Soup with Japanese style curry and chopped chashu pork Belly • ramen noodles • Fried Onion Chips • Slurp EGG • Scallions 

Slurp Paitan  Robust Chicken Ramen Soup

A robust paitan CHICKEN RAMEN SOUP, with garlic and ginger notes, topped with kara-age fried chicken, crunchy onions, scallions and nori.  

Slurp Spicy Ramen

Slurp Spicy Ramen

Slurp Classic RAMEN

Slurp Fresh

Slurp Vegan

Slurp Yuzu Ramen

Slurp Yuzu Ramen


Veggie Toppings $1.00 each

cabbage               Corn

Garlic Chips        red ginger

Nori Seaweed      Scallions

Protein $1.00 each

Slurp Egg*


Meat toppings $3.50 each

   Soboro marinated ground pork

   Chashu pork belly, slow-cooked and marinated

   Kara-age Japanese Fried Chicken

*Consuming undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially in the case of certain medical conditions

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