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Your choice of meat, drizzled with sweet Hawaiian BBQ sauce and Japanese mayonnaise on top of white rice.  

Hawaiian BBQ Bowl - lightly sweet marinated ground pork

Chashu Pork-Belly Bowl - Slow-cooked and marinated

Fried Chicken Bowl - Japanese fried chicken

Kids Rice Bowl 6.55 

Allergy Warning:  Inform a manager every time if you have allergies.  Not all ingredients, are listed on the menu.  

Kids Ramen

1.  Soup + Noodles 6.55

2.  Soup + Noodles + 1 topping 7.55   

Extra toppings, 1.00 each 


1. Choose your soup        

Smooth - soy sauce seasoned pork broth

Classic   - full-bodied pork broth

Sweet    - sweet teriyaki (contains pork)       

Fresh     - full-bodied vegan soup

Spicy      - a peppery spicy sesame soup

Yuzu      -  a lightly citrus soup

2.  Choose your toppings 

   Protein                   Veggies

   Fried Chicken           Corn

   Pork Belly                  Scallions

   Ground Pork             Cabbage

    Tofu                          Nori Seaweed                      

   Each additional topping, 1.00 each 

*Consuming undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially in the case of certain medical conditions

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