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Covid19 and Slurp Ramen: We've made changes for your safety


We're OPEN for pick-up, curbside pick up and delivery!

Take-out & delivery are considered an essential business.  We will remain open!  Order and pay online for the fastest pick up experience.  Click the "Order Pickup or Delivery" or "Order Curbside Pick Up!" buttons in the black header above.  Online orders can be paid online, allowing you the fastest experience with the most social distancing. 


We're implementing social distancing for your order pick-up

We are working hard to keep you at least 6 feet from other people.  When you pick up your order, you will find your food in alphabetical order on a table, and you will not interact with our staff.  Scroll down to see pictures with more detail.

We're keeping you 6 feet away from our register staff

We are implementing social distancing at the register by increasing the width of our register counter.   When you order or pay at Slurp Ramen, for your safety, you will be 6-feet away from our register staff.  Scroll down to see pictures with more detail.

We've started delivering!

Delivery orders can only be made online by pressing the "order delivery" link in the black header above.  Our delivery option is serving a 5 mile radius from Slurp Ramen.  Deliveries can be ordered for right now during business hours, but cannot be set for a future time/date. 

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