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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Online Ordering

How do I order online?

Click the "Order Now" link above and you be directed to our online ordering software.  Online orders are paid for by credit card online, and then picked up at Slurp.  Please check your email for a confirmation that your order is being made.  If you do not receive confirmation that we are making your order within 10 minutes, please call us at Slurp, 631-509-1166.  

I ordered online, but the prices were different.  What happened?

​If you order pick-up through DoorDash, Door will charge you a surcharge.  Please use the Slurp Ramen website to make online orders for store pick-up.  The prices on the Slurp Ramen website are the same as in our ramen shop.  

​Click "Order Now" from the Slurp website and there are no surcharges. 

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