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Slurp is proud to bring casual Japanese style ramen to Long Island.  So many of our friends and family have never experienced real ramen before.  We saw a chance to share not only ramen, but our favorite casual Japanese eats with Long Island. 
Our menu is inspired by the fun and flavors of a night out in Downtown Osaka.  Most weekends in Osaka we met friends in Namba and ate ramen, donburi (rice bowls) or curry rice.  Osaka has a wonderful energy and the people were so kind. Our goal at Slurp is to bring the flavors of a casual night in Osaka with the kindness of the Japanese people right here to Long Island.  

Our Mission: Making Casual Japanese Style Ramen Available on Long Island

We are Happy to Help Continue the Mission of the JET Alumni Association

The JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program brings native English speakers to teach English in Japanese public schools grades K-12.   With one Slurp founder from Osaka, Japan and the other a former JET and a member of the New York branch of the JET Alumni Association, we are proud to help continue the mission of the JET Alumni Association "... [to] foster education and understanding of Japanese culture, and strengthen the ties between the NY JET Alumni and the Japanese community."
At Slurp we are proud to help foster an understanding of Japanese culture by sharing our favorite casual Japanese eats, and also by sharing a glimpse of omotenashi, the Japanese spirit of hospitality.  This is why we invite our cashier staff to bow, and why behind the scenes, we teach our staff Japanese manners such as the importance of greetings (aisatsu).
We hope that Slurp will inspire you to try more Japanese dishes and inspire you to explore a wide variety of Asian food.  We also hope to inspire your curiosity in Japan and Japanese culture, and maybe one day, even hear about the amazing trip you took Japan.  
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